Sudokumat 5.5

Train your brain creating and solving sudokus

Sudokumat is a Java program that enables you to play play sudoku quite relaxed.

You can generate sudoku puzzles in different levels of difficulty and solve them right away or save them as plan text files. There's also the option to create PDF files with as many sudokus as you want, with varying difficulties and solutions optionally included.

Sudokumat features handy functions which help solving sudokus:

  • Easy input: just go to the desired field using mouse or keyboard and type in your desired digit
  • Show candidate numbers as hint
  • Support of multiple Undo / Redo
  • Display of a tracker that highlights all relevant fields
  • Show all permitted positions for a given digit
  • Show an appropriate field to be solved next
  • Solve a single step

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Sudokumat 5.5

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